Marketing and Enrollment Resources for Private Schools

I would like to share some private school resources for your enrollment and marketing strategies.

This week I presented at an AISAP Roundtable at The Benjamin School in North Palm Beach and at Independent Day School in Tampa on the topic of “Developing Your Word of Mouth Marketing Plan for Enrollment Success.”  As part of my presentation, I reviewed 400 websites and Facebook pages and shared some of the best ways that AISAP schools are using the Web to share their story. I will be sharing some of my findings with you in my upcoming blog posts.

To get a taste of what I presented, you can access a blog post that I wrote recently for AISAP 52 about this topic. AISAP  (Association of Independent School Admission Professionals) is a great organization that every admissions professional should join! You should also plan to attend the AISAP Summer Institute at La Jolla Country Day School from July 8-11 (I will be there as one of the faculty members).

Brendan Schneider Speaks to Group

Brendan Schneider presented a session on “Implementing Inbound Marketing for your School.” During his session, he told the story of how he implemented these strategies at Sewickley Academy as he transitioned away from using traditional, outbound strategies. As many of you know, Brendan writes an outstanding blog on inbound marketing strategies for schools that should become part of your regular online reading.

Madeline Senkosky, Community Manager at EdSocialMedia, presented a “how-to” session on the use of Facebook in marketing private schools. Madeline is also a regular contributor to the EdSocialMedia blog. You can access the blog to read her posts as well as others from the EdSocialMedia team. EdSocialMedia also offers social media boot camps to focus on how you can use social media at your school. 

In addition, I had the opportunity to be recorded twice—for a webinar and an interview. Since both are available on the Web, I thought I would use this blog post to share these links with you.

On Tuesday, April 24, I presented a webinar on “Effective Retention Strategies to Keep Your Current Families Enrolled.” This webinar was shared to over 100 school admissions, enrollment and marketing leaders as part of the weekly SSATB webinar series.  You will want to also check out all of the other webinars available on the SSATB website as well plan to attend their annual meeting in Chicago from September 19-22.

Finally, Randy Vaughn of The Marketing Twins published an interview that he conducted with Brendan Schneider and me. We had the opportunity to discuss the shifting marketing landscape among private schools from traditional, outbound strategies to web-based, inbound strategies. You can click here to listen to this interview. Randy provides some great marketing advice for private school leaders in his blog at

Let me know what you think about any of these resources.

What are some topics or issues that you would like to see addressed at future conferences or in my weekly blog post?