Summer Enrollment Contact Strategies

It’s hard to believe that in just a little over two months another school year will begin. While many families are focusing on their summer vacations (in fact, I am taking my family to Gatlinburg, TN, in a week), admissions directors at private schools are working to finalize enrollment for the 2011-12 year.

The summer is a critical time to continue communicating and marketing your school. The following are some recommendations:


  • During the months of June and July, I recommend sending a personalized letter and application to all of your inquiries that haven’t applied. You should send out during both months. It is important to keep your school in front of these families especially as they make final decisions for their children. These letters should be well-written—communicating stories about your school and creating a sense of urgency to apply.
  • In addition to sending these letters, make sure you continue to follow-up with your inquiries by phone and email. You can use your parent ambassadors to reach out personally to these interested parents.


  • Monthly contact with your applicants and their parents is critical. While it is important to communicate timely information about the upcoming school year, it is equally important to remind them of the great decision they have made to enroll at your school.
  • Parent ambassadors can contact parents with children of the same age to welcome them to the school community. Taking it a step further, this parent ambassador can take a special interest in these new families by inviting them to coffee or lunch to help them develop personal relationships.
  • Host an event for new families before school begins to connect new families and students to one another as well as to parent ambassadors and school leaders.

Current Families

  • Send a special mailing to current families to recap the accomplishments of the year with a focus on the success of the graduating class as well as to create vision and excitement for the new school year.
  • Continue to send a weekly email newsletter to reinforce key stories and messages about your school.

These are just a few ways that you can keep your school in front of your inquiries, applicants and current families during the summer months.