Marketing 24/7 at Milpitas Christian School (CA)

In November, 2010, Dr. Ken Van Meter, Superintendent of Milpitas Christian School in San Jose, CA, called for help in developing and implementing a marketing and enrollment strategy to grow the school. After a two-day site visit by Rick Newberry in December, the first priority focused on hiring a full-time Director of Enrollment and Marketing. In just a matter of a few weeks, the position was offered to Diana Liffengren and she began in early January.

During our weekly coaching calls, we have been focused on discussing and implementing strategies that will make a difference in this year’s enrollment effort. We established a stretch goal of 493 students for the 2011-12 school year. In many ways, what is happening at Milpitas Christian is the shift to a 24/7 marketing mindset. Diana has increased the intensity on the enrollment effort for all the faculty, staff and parents to be passionately involved in this process. Both Ken and Diana have also increased their communications with the internal community in order for everyone to take the MCS message into the community.

The shift to a marketing mindset will take a lot of work from now through August. Hopefully on the first day of school, Ken and Diana’s hard work and intensity will result in celebration!