Enrollment and Marketing Strategies for Private Schools

Webinar: 10 Key Recruitment Ingredients for Your School

1/20/17 | Admissions, Enrollment, Marketing, School Growth

10 Key Ingredients-2, version 2


Do you have a plan in place to recruit new students and families to your school?

Have you implemented the key ingredients to effectively recruit and enroll new families in your school?

On Tuesday, January 31, at 1pm EST, I (Rick Newberry) will present a webinar on this important topic:

10 Key Ingredients for Your School’s New Family Recruitment Plan.

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From Sunsets to School Growth — A Look Back at 2016

1/4/17 | Enrollment, Leadership, Marketing, School Growth

2017-01-01 17.34.25-2
I love going to the beach. The beach has always been a place for me to get away and to reflect. If I had time, I would visit the beach every evening for the sunset (I am fortunate to only live one mile away). In fact, my wife and I had dinner on Indian Rocks Beach on New Year’s Day. After dinner, we enjoyed our first sunset of the year (pictured above).

A new year gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past year and to set goals for the new year.

As I reflect on my work with schools, my passion is to help leaders implement effective enrollment and marketing strategies and to achieve growth. 2016 provided another great opportunity and privilege for me to work with schools as an Enrollment Catalyst. Read more…

Three Reasons Why Continuous Enrollment Makes Sense

9/29/16 | Enrollment, Re-Enrollment, Retention, School Growth


Continuous Enrollment

Re-enrollment has never made sense to me.

I remember when I was head of school. January rolled around and it was re-enrollment time. Our team spent hours discussing the communication strategy and brainstorming innovative ways that we could encourage families to re-enroll for the next school year.

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How Data Can Inform and Influence Online Strategy and Storytelling

9/6/16 | Leadership, Marketing, Website, Word of Mouth Marketing, Inbound Marketing


Shannon Drosky, Charlotte Country Day School

It’s amazing how much online marketing data we have available. The Web has dramatically changed how we can make better decisions about our school marketing strategies.

By analyzing your online data, you will be better informed about the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.  Then, you will be able to adjust your online strategies for greater results.

Are you using data to inform and influence your online strategy and storytelling?

Do you want to take a look at how one school marketing director uses online data to inform and influence her strategy? Read more…

3 Things Every School Admissions Director Must Do Now

8/30/16 | Admissions, Enrollment, Leadership, Marketing, School Growth

Back to School

It’s hard to believe that another school year has begun (unless your first day is after Labor Day).

I have always loved the first day of school. From my early days in university admissions to my current role consulting with schools, this is the day I always look forward to.

This is when you get to celebrate the fruit of your year-long labor and see the results of your hard work—new students and families at your school. Read more…

Rick Newberry to Present at VirCon3 on Facebook Marketing

8/22/16 | Marketing, Web-based Marketing Strategies, Inbound Marketing

Screenshot 2016-08-21 22.30.07

The third time is the charm.

(At least that is what I have heard.)

It’s a simple idiom for Brendan Schneider asking me to present a workshop during his first and second VirCon conferences. However, my schedule didn’t allow me to be part of these conferences.

Until now.

VirCon3 is scheduled on Saturday, September 17. I will be one of seven speakers presenting on a variety of inbound marketing topics for school leaders. Read more…

Three Reasons Why You Should Use Webinars and eBooks at Your School

8/15/16 | Web-based Marketing Strategies, Website, Inbound Marketing


I am looking forward to hearing Brendan Schneider’s webinar on Thursday, August 18, at 1pm EDT. Brendan will discuss how to use webinars and eBooks to attract new families to your school. You can still register by clicking on the following link:

Screenshot 2016-05-02 20.51.39

What I find interesting about Brendan’s topic is that most schools aren’t using webinars and eBooks in their marketing strategy. In fact, I have seen very few school that utilize these strategies.

Why are school leaders slow to implement strategies that will help to make a difference in their enrollment effort? Read more…

How to Use Webinars and eBooks to Attract New Families to Your School

8/8/16 | Enrollment, Web-based Marketing Strategies, Inbound Marketing


Brendan Schneider Webinar2

Let’s face it, the Web has significantly changed how we recruit families to our schools. While some admissions and marketing directors have embraced this change, many are still focusing on traditional advertising strategies hoping prospective parents will respond. However, these strategies rarely generate the results that we want.

This is one of the reasons why Brendan Schneider stands out in his work at Sewickley Academy and at SchneiderB. Read more…

Could Your School Become the Next Service Merchandise?

5/26/16 | School Growth

2016-05-22 10.46.37

On Sunday, I drove from my home in St. Petersburg, FL, to Dothan, AL, to work with Houston Academy, an independent college prep school of just over 600 students. During my trip, I passed an old Service Merchandise store and the memories came back.

I remember shopping at Service Merchandise in the 70’s and 80’s.

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5 Reasons Why a School Declines in Enrollment

5/10/16 | Enrollment, Leadership, Marketing, School Growth

5 Reasons Why a School Declines in Enrollment


School leaders typically call me for several reasons.

The head of school wants to put together an enrollment and marketing plan.

The head of school wants me to provide coaching, direction and accountability for the enrollment and marketing team.


The school is facing an enrollment problem. One of the most common problems is declining enrollment. Read more…