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Marketing a Private School

Private, independent, and Christian schools that fail to think strategically about their marketing strategy often find themselves struggling with a range of issues, such as shrinking operating budgets, image confusion and sporadic enrollment results. Enrollment Catalyst helps schools be intentional about growing their enrollment through focused consulting and coaching that is tied to proven marketing systems, strategies and solutions.

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4 Brand Lessons to Apply in Your School from In-N-Out Burger

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This new year is nearly three months old and I have already been on nine trips to begin work with seven new schools, speak at a conference and go on a family vacation. One of the benefits of my school consulting business is that I get to travel, although sometimes too often.

I have been to California twice this year. I always enjoy visiting In-and-Out Burger when I am on the west coast. There is something about this hamburger place that I enjoy, especially since we don’t have these restaurants in Florida.

Many things stand out to me about In-and-Out Burger. In fact, I believe that private school leaders can learn from their example. While we aren’t selling hamburgers, their principles are relevant for private and independent school marketing.

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