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Marketing a Private School

Private, independent, and Christian schools that fail to think strategically about their marketing strategy often find themselves struggling with a range of issues, such as shrinking operating budgets, image confusion and sporadic enrollment results. Enrollment Catalyst helps schools be intentional about growing their enrollment through focused consulting and coaching that is tied to proven marketing systems, strategies and solutions.

Real Life Christian Academy Experiences 15% Enrollment Growth Dr. Rick Newberry to Speak at Several School Conferences in 2013 Four New Schools Partner with Enrollment Catalyst Calvin Christian School Grows Enrollment 10% in 2012-13 Enrollment Turnaround at Northside Christian Academy 13% Enrollment Growth at The Canterbury School of FL Enrollment Growth at Lakeland Christian School in 2012-13 Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School Partners with Enrollment Catalyst New Corporate Partnership with Christian Schools International (CSI) Marketing 24/7 at Milpitas Christian School (CA)


Admissions, Private Schools and Roller Coasters

Kings IslandI love roller coasters and so do my boys.

Since they were tall enough, my boys and I have been riding the roller coasters in Florida at Disney, Universal, Sea World and Busch Gardens.

However, our favorite park for roller coasters is Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. We have been there several times in the past few years.

This summer we decided to explore a different park – King’s Island in Cincinnati, OH. I have been there before but it was over 30 years ago!

In order to maximize our roller coaster riding experience we always buy the fast lane pass. This allows us to get to the front of the line as many times as we want for the entire day so that we can ride over and over again.

In late June, we spent one full day riding the coasters at King’s Island. We rode The Beast 10 times, Diamondback 10 times, and Banshee 5 times. We also rode their other coasters but these were our favorites. The next park my boys and I want to experience is Six Flags Over Magic Mountain in CA.

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