Webinar: Ask Us Anything About Marketing, Recruitment and Retention

When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a major league baseball player. That was my dream.

Even though that dream didn’t come true, I have spent years going to games in person and watching games on TV. I enjoy watching a game that goes into extra innings. It’s all about the competitive spirit that one team will walk away a winner. It’s also a bonus to enjoy the extra inning in the game I enjoy.

During the past couple of months, I have partnered with Andy Lynch and his team from North Star Marketing to provide nine innings—nine webinars—on enrollment and marketing topics for school leaders. If you missed any of these webinars, you can access any of them on the resources page on my website.

We had a great turnout–1,000 individual school leaders–for all nine webinars, and there were several in which we simply didn’t have time to address all the questions at the end.

So, we decided to add an extra inning – a 10th inning! We hope you’ll join us for a final webinar on Thursday, May 20, at 1:00 PM EDT.

The Extra Inning will be an “Ask us anything” format. That’s right — throw us your curveball questions about marketing, recruitment, and retention. Maybe you’ve got a challenge you’re working through or an opportunity you’re evaluating. Bring it on! If you want to move to the top of the lineup, be sure to send us your question in advance (see the link below). We’ll also open the questions box during the webinar. This is a great opportunity to hear what other marketing and admissions professionals are thinking about and working through right now.

Additionally, we’ll provide a brief overview about how Enrollment Catalyst and North Star Marketing help schools achieve their enrollment goals. Be assured, this isn’t a hard sell, but rather a brief overview of the challenges we help schools navigate and the solutions we provide.

How can we help?