How Story Impacts School Marketing & Admissions

Everyone loves a good story.

Whether you are reading a book, watching a movie, listening to a speech or talking to a friend, stories grab your attention and help you understand and connect.

Think about it.

We live in a story. We relate to stories. We love to listen to stories. And, we can see ourselves in a story.

You certainly have many stories to tell about your school—your people, your programs and the difference your school makes in students’ lives.

Storytelling is the foundation of your admissions and marketing strategy that leads to success and growth.

I would like to invite you to my next live show on Thursday, August 13, from 12-1pm EDT, as we will discuss how story impacts school marketing and admissions.

How Story Impacts School Marketing & Admissions

I have invited three special guests for our discussion. I first reached out to Emily Cretella, the founder of Cursive Content, to join my show to focus on the topic of storytelling. On Emily’s website, she describes herself as “a content marketer, strategist and copywriter who now works solely with independent and private schools, colleges and universities to create and share stories their audiences will love.” Emily is an expert in storytelling and she regularly shares her insight in her blog and at conferences.

Once we discussed the direction of this show, I asked Emily to invite two school leaders that she has partnered with in independent schools.

As school leaders, both Alex and Cheryl have embraced storytelling in their admissions and marketing strategies. They will be able to share their storytelling experiences and results.

Storytelling should be an integral part of your school’s marketing strategy. Make sure you join us live on Thursday, August 13, from 12-1pm EDT. It should be a great discussion and you will learn from experts and practitioners in independent school leadership.

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You can like my Enrollment Catalyst Facebook page and then you will receive a notification when I am live. You can also go to the page at 12pm EDT on Thursday. In case you missed my previous Live Shows, you can watch the recordings on my YouTube Channel. My most recent Live Show featured a discussion with Dr. Bill Mott and Mr. Hugh Harris on The Impact of Governance and Leadership on School Growth. Make sure you take time to watch the recording of this show.

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