Creating Your School’s Facebook Live Show in Six Steps

Are you using live video as part of your enrollment and marketing strategy?

Have you thought about hosting a weekly show on Facebook and/or Youtube?

Several weeks ago, I launched my Live Show on my Enrollment Catalyst Facebook page. The results have been incredible. While a regular post will have limited reach, I have found that my live show exponentially increases my online exposure and engagement. You can learn more by checking out this blog post from Hootsuite on Facebook Live Video.

I have modeled this strategy for you. It really is a simple and effective strategy.

I believe that you should consider launching your own Live Show on your school’s Facebook and Youtube channels. The following are six easy steps that you can take to begin broadcasting your school’s live show.

1.  Select Your Studio Platform

In order to enhance your broadcasts, you will want to use a studio platform. Facebook Live is limited in what you can do with your broadcasts. Using a third-party studio will give you the opportunity to add several guests to your show and display graphics on your screen. I have been using Be Live for my studio. This program works very well but is limited in that you can only broadcast to Facebook or YouTube (and not at the same time). There are other programs on the market, including Stream Yard, that allow you to broadcast to multiple channels simultaneously. In a recent blog post, Kim Garst provides a review of the 10 best live streaming apps.

2.  Determine Your Content Focus

Your Live Show will need a content focus. One of the easiest approaches to implement is to develop your show around an interview format. You can invite guests each week to interview them on a specific topic. Think about interviewing your academic team, students, alumni, faculty, parents, board members and more!  Dennis Chapman at The Village School of Naples has hosted his “Leading from the Lanai” live show for the past three weeks. Shannon Drosky at Charlotte Country Day School has recently launched a live show on YouTube, “Leadership Live.” You can also check out their Facebook page for other Leadership Live Events. Your show could also be topical as you invite educational experts into your conversation.

3.  Schedule a Regular Day and Time

It is important to establish a regular day and time for your Live Show broadcast. You want to create the expectation for your show by regularly scheduling your event on the same day(s) and time(s) every week. Your show should be consistent instead of just randomly appearing on their Facebook feed. Keep in mind that your Live Broadcasts will be recorded and available on your timeline after the event. You can also download the video and add it to your YouTube channel. You can check out my recorded live shows on my YouTube channel.

4.  Practice Your Show

When I first launched my show, I didn’t go live on my public page. Instead, I set up a Facebook group of a few friends to test the format and studio platform. By testing it in a private group, no one else will see your practice session. After I practiced a few times in my group, I went public with my show.  Before each show, I simply invite my guests to appear in my studio a half hour before it begins. We then discuss the show’s format and logistics before the show is live.

5.  Market Your Show

Once you decide that you will launch your live show, you will need to market it to your audience. You can do this through Facebook posts, events and ads (as well as on other social media channels). You should also advertise your show on your website, email newsletters and any other communication you send to your target audiences. When you share your posts, make sure you tag your guests to expand the reach of your post.

6.  Go Live

The last step in this process is to go live. Think about your live show as more of a conversation and have fun with it. This can be a great way to communicate to your community. And, you will definitely expand the reach of your school’s online presence exponentially!

This is a cost-effective strategy that anyone can implement.

Are you ready to include a Live Show in your marketing strategy? With these easy-to-implement six steps, you will be on the air in no time!

If you still haven’t checked our my Live Show, you should join me on today’s show (Wednesday, April 22) at 3pm EDT. Our topic will be “Admissions, Ambassadors and Word of Mouth” with my special guests (a recording will also be available if you can’t attend live):

  • Vicki O’Rourke, Director of Admissions, Santa Fe Christian School (CA)
  • Dawn Saunders, Director of Marketing and Communications, Santa Fe Christian School (CA)
  • Ryan Patrie, Director of Admissions, Lexington Christian Academy (MA)

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