Don’t Miss The Best School Marketing Conference – VirCon5

Brendan Schneider says that his VirCon5 is “the best school marketing conference…period.”

I agree.

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, Brendan will live broadcast his fifth virtual conference. While you can certainly set aside your Saturday to listen live, you can also listen to the recordings of the ten sessions any time that works for you. This makes this conference a no-brainer for your budget.

You will not want to miss this conference as it is an incredible value for your continued professional development.

This is the second time that I will present for Brendan’s virtual conference.

I will present a workshop on “Developing Your School’s Enrollment and Marketing Calendar for Success.” One of the challenges that enrollment and marketing leaders face is developing an enrollment and marketing calendar that is tied to their goals and strategies.

During my workshop, we will discuss the key strategies that you need to include in your annual enrollment and marketing calendar. From lead generation to social media content strategies, it is critical to know how to develop and implement a calendar and system that can work for you and your team. We will also discuss some tools to help you including a new online calendar designed with schools in mind.

My presentation is only one of ten total outstanding workshops that you will benefit from:

  • Simon Noakes – “Parent Engagement: Are You Talking to Your Parents Effectively?”
  • Andy Traub – “How To Build Your Video Studio For $100”
  • Jesse Roberts – “A Clear View Enrollment Vision: Approaching 2020 and Beyond”
  • Sean Henri – “Topics over Keywords: How to Increase Traffic by Producing Less Content”
  • Mike Connor – “Three Way Street: Enrollment Managers, Faculty, and Trustees”
  • Penny Rogers – “Protect Your School’s Brand Image: Social Media Management”
  • Mia Major – “The State of Social Media: What Survey Data from 300 Schools Reveals About Strategy in 2018”
  • Danielle Wright – “Bridging the Gap: Tools and Best Practices for School Content Designers”
  • Jim Healy – “A Branding Roadmap: 5 Steps to Your School’s Unique and Impactful Brand”

The cost is an incredible value for the professional development you will receive. In fact, if you register by Thursday, October 19, by midnight EST, you will receive the early bird price of $247. That’s only $24.70 per workshop! You can also register after this deadline but why would you want to wait and pay more from your limited budget?

Click on the link below to register now for VirCon5. I know you will benefit from this virtual conference from this incredible slate of speakers!