Webinar: How Changes in Google Search Results Are Impacting Your Enrollment

We are all interested in the same thing.

We want to ensure that we have a steady pipeline of prospective parents and students to fill our classroom seats.

Lead generation is a critical component of our enrollment and marketing strategy. In today’s world, we primarily accomplish this through word-of-mouth and web-based marketing strategies in order to reach prospective families.

Parents continue to share with me through focus groups and surveys that the Web is a key tool for their school research. This places great importance on implementing strategies that will ensure your school is prominently displayed in search results.

Over the last several months, Google has given “Sponsored ads” more prominence on search results pages, elbowing aside traditional organic search results. The emerging “pay-to-play” approach has big implications for your school’s online marketing strategy…and budget.

I have invited the Educational Marketing team at North Star Marketing to discuss this topic in a free 60-minute webinar. North Star Marketing has worked with many of my school clients over the years.

You will not want to miss this important online workshop!

In this webinar, the team at North Star Marketing will unpack Google’s important changes and help you understand how to drive qualified leads from search engines and social media.

Webinar: How Changes in Google Search Results Are Impacting Your Enrollment

Date: Thursday, March 9

Time: 1:00-2:00 PM EST

This webinar will be led by the Educational Marketing Team at North Star Marketing:

Andy Lynch, Marketing Consultant & Principal — Andy Lynch founded North Star Marketing in 2000. Today his firm employs 25 people and provides consulting, branding, website development, and online marketing support for clients nationwide. North Star first started working with school clients in 2001 and now works with dozens of private schools across the country in their branding, website and online marketing efforts.  Today, Andy is focused on value proposition development for schools, helping them articulate their unique offerings.

Clark Morgan, Online Marketing Director — As Online Marketing Director, Clark Morgan helps private schools connect with their target audiences online. With more than 16 years of experience in the marketing industry, Clark keeps up-to-date on the latest online marketing techniques that help drive leads and ROI for North Star’s clients.


Kaleen Goodeill, Education Marketing Manager — An enrollment director turned marketing manager, Kaleen Goodeill has been on both sides of the table, making her uniquely equipped to serve North Star Marketing’s independent school clients. From websites and blogs to social media and ad campaigns, Kaleen masters every possible avenue for connecting schools and families.