7 Topics on InBound Marketing — VirCon4

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Have you effectively implemented inbound marketing strategies at your school?

Are you looking for a crash course in inbound marketing that you can apply directly at your school?

I believe that inbound marketing is one of the most important and effective components of your school’s enrollment and marketing plan. These strategies can increase the reach of your school’s story online and will generate leads for your enrollment effort.

Brendan Schneider is offering VirCon4 on Monday, March 20, on this critical topic. During this virtual conference, seven presenters will discuss seven key inbound marketing topics that you can apply at your school:

  • Andrew Sculthorpe: Personas
  • Sam Balter: Keywords
  • Red Abbott: SEO – “The Anatomy of a Search Result in 2017 and What It Means for Schools”
  • Scott Allenby: Content – “Content Architecture: A Framework First Mindset”
  • Emily Cretella: Blogging – “Blog This, Not That: The Do’s and Don’ts to Follow For Successful School Blog Content”
  • Brendan Schneider: Blogging – “Create a Blog To Increase Inquiries”
  • Tannika Wester: Social Media

You don’t want to miss this conference. If you register before March 10, you will receive the early bird discount rate of $197.

Make sure you register today. For a little less than $30 per session, this is the best bang for your professional development buck!

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