Three Reasons Why You Should Use Webinars and eBooks at Your School


I am looking forward to hearing Brendan Schneider’s webinar on Thursday, August 18, at 1pm EDT. Brendan will discuss how to use webinars and eBooks to attract new families to your school. You can still register by clicking on the following link:

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What I find interesting about Brendan’s topic is that most schools aren’t using webinars and eBooks in their marketing strategy. In fact, I have seen very few school that utilize these strategies.

Why are school leaders slow to implement strategies that will help to make a difference in their enrollment effort?

To prepare you for Thursday’s webinar, I wanted to share with you three reasons why you should consider using webinars and eBooks in your strategy:

  1. You will generate leads – One of the most important results of using webinars and eBooks is that you will generate leads. Most school leaders are trying to figure out how to generate more leads to nurture and the answer is right here. By offering webinars online, parents will have to register by providing their name and email address. By offering an eBook on your website and in social media, parents will have to provide their name and email address in order to download the eBook. Doesn’t this make sense? You generate a lead by providing good content in these formats.
  1. You will present content in an appealing format – Inbound marketing has really changed the way that we market our schools. The Web allows us to deliver content in many different and appealing formats. By using webinars and eBooks, you can reach your audience 24/7. While you may try to attract a crowd on a Tuesday evening at your school to hear a speaker, you can reach prospective and current parents on the Web anytime day or night. Isn’t this more appealing for you? I know it’s appealing for your prospective parents.
  1. You will be on the cutting edge in your marketing effort – This is where it gets impressive. Think about walking into your head of school’s office and presenting your marketing plan for the year. In your plan, you talk about the new webinar series and eBooks that will result in increased leads. Your head of school will be impressed.

So why aren’t you using webinars and eBooks in your school’s marketing strategy?

Make sure that you register to attend Brendan’s webinar on Thursday, August 18th, at 1pm EDT.

If you can’t attend live, register anyway and you will receive the recording the day after to watch any time.

You will soon be on your way to implementing new strategies to generate additional leads for your school this year.