Holy Spirit Episcopal School Partners with Enrollment Catalyst

2016-06-01 12.23.40

When arriving on the campus of Holy Spirit Episcopal School, you are greeted with a statue that reads: “We Love HSES.” This is a great visual reminder for the faculty, staff, parents and students to love their school.

Holy Spirit Episcopal School, located in Houston, TX, has partnered with Enrollment Catalyst and Dr. Rick Newberry. On June 1, Rick spent the day in meetings with the leadership team assessing the enrollment and marketing effort. As part of the Enrollment Catalyst Program, a parent survey and focus group meetings will be conducted. In addition, Rick will provide personalized coaching for several months to provide accountability and continued direction.

The school enrolls over 300 students from infants to 8th grade and offers an outstanding academic and high school preparatory program.

Welcome to the Enrollment Catalyst team!