7 Strategies that Led to Eastern Christian School’s Enrollment Turnaround

Webinar Photo, Rudi, May 12

I will be offering a free webinar for school leaders on Thursday, May 12, at 2pm EDT.

Eastern Christian’s Enrollment Turnaround – 7 Strategies that Made the Difference

You don’t want to miss this webinar.

This webinar will feature the story and case study of Eastern Christian School’s Enrollment Turnaround. For nearly a decade the enrollment at the school had declined to its low of 705 in 2014-15.

Eastern Christian School is located in North Haledon, NJ and is over 120 years old. I was hired to work with the leadership team through my Enrollment Catalyst Program. As a result of my assessment and recommendations, we begin to lay the foundation for the explosive growth that the school is currently experiencing.

Rudi Gesch was hired as the director of enrollment and marketing in the summer of 2014. During his first year in this position, the enrollment increased by 8%. This growth is expected to continue in 2016-17 as the applications for new students is nearly double that of last year.

Rudi has done an incredible job implementing key enrollment and marketing strategies that has generated this growth. He is one of the most innovative and creative directors I have ever known.

I have invited Rudi to present on Eastern Christian School’s Enrollment Turnaround. Rudi will discuss seven strategies that made the difference in their enrollment growth.

Do you want to find out what strategies he implemented?

Then, you will have to attend the webinar. This is one webinar you don’t want to miss.

You will want to hear directly from Rudi as he has been the catalyst to the enrollment growth at Eastern Christian School.

This free webinar will be presented on Thursday, May 12, at 2pm EDT. Click on this link to register now (if you can’t make the webinar live, you will have access to the recording as long as you sign up now!):

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