Facebook Live is a Game-Changer for your School

BroadcastAre you ready to go live on Facebook?

Are you ready to go live in your school marketing?

The newest trend in social media is “going live.” Last year the live broadcasting apps of Periscope and Meerkat gave anyone the opportunity to go live. In fact, I wrote a blog post on the use of Periscope last year. However, these apps have to be downloaded on your smartphone and people have to tune into your broadcast.

While a few have tried to use these apps in school marketing, the issue is that the parent has to use the app in order to view the broadcast.

Until now.

Facebook has recently launched a “live” broadcast component to its social media site.

This is a game changer for school marketers and school leaders.

You can now go live on your school’s Facebook page. This option is built into your Facebook page.

Think about this opportunity. This is the primary social media site that your parents use. Now, you can broadcast anything live that you want to your fans.

The live possibilities are endless.

Important messages and updates from the head of school.

Interviews with teachers, parents, alumni, students and board members.

Broadcasts of special events.

Peer into unique learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Showcase one of your school’s programs every week.

And more.

Launching a live broadcast is very simple. From your school’s Facebook page in the status update box, click on the icon that looks like a head with two circles around it. After you type in your title, you can go live. Your fans will be notified in their Facebook newsfeed and while you are broadcasting, your reach will increase.

Did you get that?

Every time you go live from your school’s Facebook page, every one of your fans will receive an immediate notification in their newsfeed.

And, if you can plan ahead, you can let your audience know when you will go live. Imagine letting your parents know that your head of school will be live on Thursday at 2pm to discuss the new technology initiative, results from the most recent survey, or introducing the new elementary principal hired for next year.

After your live broadcast is completed, a recording of your broadcast will be posted on your school’s Facebook timeline for others to see. You will have a recording of your broadcast that can be viewed by those that missed it live.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

If you are interested in checking out how it works, I will be broadcasting live on my Enrollment Catalyst Facebook page on Friday, April 29, at 12:00 PM EDT. I will give you a live demonstration and interact with your questions.

In order to catch the broadcast live, you will need to click like on Enrollment Catalyst so that you are a fan (isn’t this a great way to increase fans!).

Don’t forget to be online on Facebook at 12pm EDT on Friday, April 29, on my Enrollment Catalyst page.

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What do you think about using Facebook Live at your school?