Top 5 ADVIS Websites that Tell Their School’s Story

In my previous blog post, I shared the top five NYSIAS websites that focused on sharing their school’s story online. For this post, I will highlight the top five school websites from ADVIS (Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools) that I presented at their Admissions Retreat in April.

5. The Hill School – The Hill School wins the best video award for their “I love the Hill” production. This video features two student narrators silhouette on a white background telling stories of why they and others love the Hill. Also, the website includes a video virtual tour of the campus led by student ambassadors.

4. George School – The website homepage header offers five videos that help to tell the story of the school. With movement in this key space, this provides an engaging format for the prospective parent and student. The site provides a visually compelling section showcasing “this week in pictures” and corresponding captions. Pictures and videos help to tell the story of the George School on the Web.

3. Moorestown Friends School – At Moorestown Friends School website, four key questions are asked and answered in short video vignettes in the MFS Voices Section: What does MFS mean to you? What makes you happy about MFS? What’s your favorite thing about MFS? What three words best describe MFS? These videos help to bring the enthusiasm for the school alive through video. The website also provides an opportunity to “Meet Great Kids.” In addition, the site includes student ambassador stories and a campus tour.

2. The Episcopal Academy – The Episcopal Academy website provides an active news section that tells current stories at the school. A virtual tour showcases the campus facilities with a descriptive caption. In the school life section, a day in the life of a student comes alive to highlight the lower, middle and upper schools.

1. Mercersburg Academy – One of the features I really like about this website is the “My Mercersburg Story” in the admissions section. The page features a collage of black and white student photos that can be clicked to review a full-page story about the student. Also, the site showcases alumni stories in the “After Mercersburg” page. Finally, a photo of the day post helps to bring the daily life of the school alive through a photo and a caption.

Some of the other honorable mention websites include:

Take a look at your school’s website.

Does your website bring your school to life through stories?

Or does your website look like every other school’s website? Boring.

It’s time to give your school the online presence it deserves by telling stories about your people and programs.