It’s Time for a New Resolution

It’s hard to believe that New Year’s Day is just around the corner. With this special day to mark a fresh start, we have the tradition of setting resolutions for the New Year.

Goals are important for us. We are all wired in such a way that we need goals to drive us.

However, do you know what surprises me most?

Many of the schools I have worked with don’t have enrollment goals. During the last year I have consulted with schools across the country, from California to my home state of Florida, and I have found that, if the school leadership had one enrollment goal, it was typically the student enrollment number in which their next year’s budget was based.

I believe school leaders are missing a huge opportunity for motivation and accountability. While we need a student projection to develop a budget, enrollment goals should be established to challenge and energize the team.

In my recommendations to school leaders, I suggest that goals should be established in the following areas:

  • Total Enrollment Goal
  • Student Retention Goal (Overall, Grade Level)
  • New Student Goals (Inquiries, Applications, Deposits, Enrollees)
  • Admissions Activity Goals (Calls, Emails, Visits, etc.)

All of these goals help to drive the school’s team towards success in their enrollment effort. The retention and new student goals provide the basis for the overall enrollment goal. And, the activity goals guide the staff in the best use of their time to help them achieve all of their enrollment goals.

Without enrollment goals, it makes it difficult to know what you are aiming for at your school. With goals in place, you have the opportunity to rise to the challenge, motivate the team and achieve the results you want.

This year, as you consider your New Year’s resolutions (I know it’s still a few weeks away), you should also establish your enrollment goals for your school (if you haven’t done so already). Once you have your goals in place, you will be able to challenge and motivate your team as you look forward to the 2011-12 school year.