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Dr. Rick Newberry will be speaking at the upcoming conferences on the topics of enrollment and marketing strategies for schools:

Association of Christian Schools International

Rick can provide speaking for school staff training, conference speaking, webinars and administrative retreats. The following are some of the topics and workshops that Rick can provide:

  • Recruitment — Strategies to enroll new families at your school
  • Retention — Strategies to keep your current families enrolled at your school
  • Implementing a Data-Driven Strategy for Your Tuition-Driven School
  • Brand Marketing — Strategies for developing, defining and communicating your school’s brand
  • The Power of You in Marketing Your School — The role of faculty, staff and parents in promoting your school
  • From Word-of-Mouth to the Web — Effective strategies for marketing your school
  • Developing Your School’s Word of Mouth Marketing Plan
  • Using the WEB to Inspire WOM
  • Web-Based Marketing — Best practices in an online world
  • Marketing Your School in Troubled Times
  • Best Practices in Marketing Your School