Parent Surveys

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Enrollment Catalyst offers two different surveys for schools–New Parent Survey and Parent Satisfaction Survey. Both of these tools provides school leaders an opportunity to receive valuable feedback from parents.

The New Parent Survey is focused on asking questions about the enrollment and marketing effort as well as reasons why the parent selected a school. This is a valuable tool to better understand decisions your new parents made in the school selection process. Typically, this survey is best launched within a few weeks after the school year begins.

The Parent Satisfaction Survey is a critical assessment, retention and marketing tool that provides convenient, confidential feedback to school leadership and stakeholders on an annual basis. Your parents are your primary customers and it is important to measure their experiences at your school. This survey can be launched at any time during the year.

By using these survey tools, you will benefit from the following:

  • Eliminates the time, cost and hassle involved in creating, mailing and analyzing your own surveys.
  • Provides annual measurements of quality improvement initiatives and trends
  • Engages and empowers parents, faculty, staff and board in this assessment process
  • Builds trust and confidence in your school’s standards and commitment to quality
  • Improves your focus in your enrollment and marketing effort

The survey is easy to use with our proven methodology and reliable results. Here is what you will receive:

  • Conveniently implemented online, the survey is secure, confidential and easy to use
  • Reponse rates and freedom to comment is increased by using Enrollment Catalyst
  • Includes a core set of questions to assess parent perceptions and attitudes toward your school
  • School leadership can edit and add to the survey questions as needed
  • Parents are invited to complete the survey through an introductory email sent from the head of school
  • Two additional reminder emails are sent to your parents to encourage participation
  • Survey and results can be completed in as little as three weeks
  • Response rate from other schools have averaged around 50%
  • Data is compiled and presented in a PDF file that can be distributed to the school’s leadership team
  • One hour conference call is included to discuss the results together

The cost for the new parent survey or the parent satisfaction survey for your school is $850 each. By committing to both surveys, the total cost is $1,500. This covers everything you need, from survey revisions, delivery to your parents, and a comprehensive report of the results.

For more information on using the new and/or current parent surveys at your school, please complete the following form:

Parent Surveys