Parkview Baptist School

Parkview Baptist School had been on a slow decline over a 12 year period. Only two of those 12 years saw an enrollment increase. The school fluctuated from a height of 1,700 students to a low of 1,250, and Superintendent Don Mayes knew the enrollment process was far too valuable to neglect.

“I was a new Superintendent at Parkview when I brought Rick to the school and I already had a good idea about what he would say,” Mayes said. “However it was his hands on support that I needed as I had my hands full with other tasks.”

Rick took an individualized approach, spending time with the Parkview team and walking them through the changes being implemented. Regularly scheduled follow-up meetings helped keep everyone on track.

“He is a valuable resource in connecting schools for beneficial collaborative efforts,” Mayes added.

For Parkview, the result of Rick’s partnership was a stabilization of and increase in enrollment. They ended the downward trend and saw an increase to 1,330 students — a growth of 6.4 percent. They believe their Admissions and Marketing departments are now more intentional, acting as catalysts for enrollment and not spending all their time “catching up.”

Don Mayes, Superintendent

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