Fredericksburg Christian School

Fredericksburg Christian School’s enrollment was steadily declining. After hitting its peak during the 2005-06 school year with 1,299 students, enrollment numbers began to drop. In 2013-14, the school experienced its all-time low with only 781 students enrolled for the year.

That’s when Rick Newberry with Enrollment Catalyst stepped in.

“Our school decided we needed to try something different,” Suzie Medina, Marketing Coordinator for Fredericksburg Christian School, said. “We began researching private school marketing and admissions, and Rick’s name came up every time.”

Within the first 12 months of working with Enrollment Catalyst, the school saw an increased enrollment rate of 10 percent.

“Rick always brought new ideas to the table. I knew if I could put into action at least one thing he recommended, our school would benefit,” Medina said.

… And benefit, it did!

Through implementing new marketing strategies including online advertising, an increased presence on social media platforms, revamping the website, re-branding the school, rolling out exciting new school program offerings, and more, Fredericksburg Christian School was able to turn their enrollment numbers around.

“Getting an outside perspective on our school and our efforts helped us see the big picture,” Medina said. “Working with Rick Newberry is a decision you won’t regret.”

Suzie Medina, Marketing Coordinator

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