Christian Life School

Christian Life School’s enrollment and marketing was hit or miss, according to Susan Nelson, Superintendent of the school. “Before we began working with Rick Newberry, our principals typically gave tours of the school and the office workers would send additional information, if requested,” Nelson said. “That was about the extent of it.”

But that clearly wasn’t enough to maintain or even increase enrollment numbers.

“Our enrollment declined substantially, and our school/church board recommended we hire a consultant,” Nelson said.

When Rick Newberry’s references all spoke highly of him and what Enrollment Catalyst had done for their schools, Christian Life School knew they had found what they were looking for.

“Rick’s knowledge of enrollment and marketing along with his concern and care for the growth of our school are two of the greatest gifts he gave us,” Nelson said. “You can tell it’s more than a job for him. He’s investing in the Kingdom.

Within the first year of working with Enrollment Catalyst, Christian Life School’s enrollment grew by 5 percent, due to the new plans put in place by Rick Newberry and the team of school leaders.

“We’ve been very pleased working with Rick,” Nelson said. “He is the real deal. His strategies have worked well for our school.”

Susan Nelson, Superintendent

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