Brooksfield School

Q: What challenges were you facing before you contacted Enrollment Catalyst?

A: Our numbers were down; classes were not filling. We were relying on print ads and word of mouth to recruit new families.

Q: How did you connect with Rick?

A: Rick came highly recommended to us by a previous board member. He was calm, patient, and direct with us. He had an enormous amount of strategies to share.

Q: What were the results of working with Enrollment Catalyst?

A: Rick worked with us for an entire school year and we are in the best place ever due to his guidance and thorough analysis of our school. We received information from him that covered every aspect of our school operations. As a result, we’ve completely turned our school and enrollment around! We are full, with a waiting list, and expanding!

Q: Would you recommend Rick to other schools struggling with their enrollment and marketing efforts?

A: Yes! Rick will support you through the tough decisions and cheerlead you with the successes. He has a keen insight to the culture of schools and knows how to bring all marketing efforts to the highest level to achieve the best results.

Mary Anne Duffus, Executive Director

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