Recalibrate Catalyst Program

The Recalibrate Catalyst Program is a short-term enrollment and marketing assessment, recommendation and coaching engagement to keep your team focused and to jump-start your effectiveness.

This program is offered at a lower price point than my full Enrollment Catalyst program and is designed to help schools maximize their impact during this season of opportunity as well as to recalibrate their processes and strategies.

You will begin by completing an initial assessment of your enrollment and marketing results and strategies. This will be reviewed by Dr. Rick Newberry in a series of virtual assessment meetings or a one-day site visit. We will discuss your current challenges and then we will develop a priority action plan for your school.

After this initial assessment and development of your priorities, we can meet together in additional coaching meetings. These one-hour meetings will be held every other week as determined based on your school’s needs. This will enable you to focus on your initial priorities to recalibrate your enrollment and marketing strategies to this new year.

You will receive the following in the Recalibrate Program:

  • Assessment of your admissions, retention, marketing and tuition/financial aid strategies through completion of a comprehensive questionnaire and a series of video conference call assessment meetings with Rick Newberry
  • 6-month action plan and recommendations developed and discussed with Rick Newberry in a video conference call
  • Follow-up coaching meetings with Rick Newberry

In addition, you and your team will be invited to participate in the Enrollment Catalyst Inner Circle Facebook Group (current and past clients have a private group online to share questions, ideas and successes).

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Recalibrate Program

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