Enrollment and Marketing Plans

One of the greatest challenges that independent, private and faith-based schools face is the need to grow enrollment — from new family recruitment to the retention of current families. Enrollment Catalyst partners with you to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your enrollment and marketing processes, programs and strategies. Based on this assessment, a school marketing and enrollment plan is developed and presented to your leadership team.

This extensive planning process includes three phases:

  • Phase One – During Phase One, your existing data, reports and materials that pertain to enrollment, marketing and communications will be reviewed.
  • Phase Two – This phase includes a two day site visit to probe deeper into the marketing and enrollment strategies and processes utilized by the staff. Extensive time is spent with the school’s leadership team, admissions director and/or marketing director to fully understand the current situation and goals for the school. In addition, a parent satisfaction and marketing survey is conducted to provide further insight and perspectives from your primary customers.
  • Phase Three – Based on the review, site visit and parent survey, a final written report of the assessment and plan is presented to the school leadership. This presentation includes a one-day consultation and planning visit to discuss the strategic marketing and enrollment plan in detail as well as to outline steps for implementation.

Once this process is completed, you will have the roadmap you need to implement a strategic marketing and enrollment plan for your school. In addition, you can hire Enrollment Catalyst to provide weekly coaching to hold you accountable to implementing your custom plan.

For more information, contact Rick Newberry to discuss the development of a strategic marketing and enrollment plan for you and your school.

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